Discover our eight unique beers produced onsite in our very own ‘nano brewery’.

Our tasting boxes are the perfect way to sample them all. 

Our Unique Beer Flavours

Subject to seasonal availability.



ABV 5.1%

Dunkel simply means “dark” in German and was for many years the everyday beer of Bavaria. The flavour profile is malt forward, often showing notes of nuts, toffee, and even freshly baked bread. Our Dunkel pairs great with most any meat dish.

Grey Cat

ABV 6.5%

This is an Italian style lager beer. A crisp beer with a delicate balance of bitterness and a clean finish, think of Peroni. This beer is named after out cat, George, that hangs out just outside the brewery door when I am brewing.


ABV 4%

Our Pilsner is a light bodied lager beer with a goal of refreshment. We use a pale malt, and a low hop characteristic which makes an easy drinking beer.

Brown Ale

ABV 7.5%

This is an American-style brown ale with a deep brown colour, low to medium hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness with a medium body.


ABV 5.3%

We start with a crisp wheat beer then add our own Tuckerberry Hill Blueberries. It is brewed with wheat and pilsner malts and leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

Strawberry NEIPA

ABV 5.8%

A New England IPA is a style of American IPA that features an intense, tropical fruit centric, hop aroma, flavour, and our own Tuckerberry Hill Strawberries. It’s heavily dry hopped to the point of being hazy and has a fuller body, smoother flavour, and less perceived bitterness than typical IPAs.

Mango Milkshake

ABV 5.4%

The Milkshake IPA is a fascinating offshoot of the hazy IPA trend and is typified by the inclusion of Mango and lactose sugar during the brewing process – providing a milky, creamy mouthfeel and appearance. Lactose does not ferment and carries thru to the finished product, providing some of the sweetness.

California Dreaming

ABV 5.4%

The style of beer is a California common and is brewed with lager yeast but fermented at ale fermentation temperatures. There is a noticeable degree of toasted malt and/or caramel-like malt character in flavour and often in aroma. Often referred to as “steam beer” and made famous by San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company during the California Gold Rush of 1849.

English-Style Oatmeal Stout

Coming soon – Not yet on tap!
ABV 7.3%

The addition of oatmeal adds a smooth, rich body to this stout. This beer style is very deep brown to black in colour. The roasted malt character is caramel-like and chocolate-like and should be smooth and not bitter. Coffee-like roasted barley and malt aromas are prominent. This style is packed with darker malt flavours and a rich body from the oatmeal.


What Our Happy Visitors Say

"Great farm, awesome organic berries. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the owner who is so passionate about what he is doing and about organic foods."

"Great farm, awesome organic berries. We were lucky enough to have a chat with the owner who is so passionate about what he is doing and about organic foods."

"Loved it strong community - fresh local mainly organic vegies, pick your own berries and a few sides biodynamic wheat, organic milk and yogurt. Oh yes and birdland organic seeds. Sat-Sun 10-3 ps can get a bite to drink and eat."

"We had a blast berry picking, licking ice-creams on the grass and enjoying the sunshine. Great outing for the kids loved it."